• Shanghai Harvest Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech innovation company dedicated to technology development and application in the field of AI, focusing on the research and development of next generation display and visual core technology.

    The core members of the team are all the leading scientists in related fields in the world's leading technology research institutions. They have outstanding scientific and technological research capabilities and rich experience in training "high, fine and sharp" research talents and innovative and entrepreneurial teams.

    If you have deep education background, solid professional foundation, excellent learning ability and integrity, integrity, innovation and dedication, you are welcome to join us. We hope to create a future with you. Create value for society!

    You can continue to explore the way in technology research, become experts in the field; also can be in the business and management on the road to accumulate practical, be take charge as chief of the management of the elite.

    Resume delivery Email: hr@ai-hit.com title indicates "XXXX position"

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